April 28th – Rock’n'rollklubben, Lund.

See you there. We promise to rip our hearts out for you.

Live videos.

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Idle Hands – Live at Babel 29th of September

Diary notes – Idle Hands (2010-06-11)

”I swear, If i make it through this with out falling apart, I will out of pure gratitude make sure you all hear it. There is absolutely nothing that says that you will find it interesting. But still, you have my word.
If I ever find my way back home again I will just sit down for a while and memorize the way. Just sit down for a while and write all of it down. Try not to forget anything”

We might be ten people on stage, at least six or seven, maybe even twelve.
Newly found friend and extremely talented musicians from bands like Golden Kanine, Lonely Riders and Grant Creon will be there to help out.

Come on over to Babel with someone you love, want to make love to, or want to leave behind forever.

All I Ask For – Live at A Place To Mourn

Cinematographer: Johan Sundell


Shot in Bergen, Norway.
Thank you, Rune. You are an amazing human being and a true friend.

Live from Då & Då at Record Store Day.

Idle Hands, Grant Creon and Golden Kanine came together as the constellation A Place To Mourn and preformed 10 songs at Då & Då, a local record store in Malmö. Sweden.
You can see the entire show here.

Thank you Johan Sundell for filming!

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